Web Designing Development & traning

We have got a colorful team with a dynamic imagination. You tell us what your business is all about and see the magic of web presence we create. Whatever services you offer or the product that you have, we use that to design and develop bespoke websites that speak to the business you provide.

sizes in multiple browsers and user-friendly interface, our websites scream originality. Get a complete website with hosting and theme that is relevant to your business and will help you with ever-changing web trends in a long run.

SE0 Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something almost all of us understand. In this over-clustered age of digital media, making your business stand out on the web is most certainly one of the hardest things. With the help of our expert SEO team, which is well-aware of the keywords and optimization, you can increase your chances marginally on being among the top of the web. Just to add into the excitement, more than 70 per cent of the leads turn into customers, if your SEO is on-point. That’s what we are here for!




Online payment & Solutions

kryptonbusiness Online Payment processing represents the next step in automating the business relationship between the supplier and their customer. The customer can now make payments and deposits online without any time investment by the supplier. This feature replaces the previous method whereby the customer would select invoices for payment, enter their credit card info, and the supplier would then process the request manually.

Blockchain Technology

From ideas to execution, deploying Blockchain technology, we can give a 360 shift to your business. Our working includes extensive market research, detailed project assessment, figuring out the best Blockchain platforms to assist your business.

As a team, we strive to work smarter, giving end-to-end customizable blockchain based solutions for every domain. From decentralizing and automating processes, strategizing ICO, Smart contracts, Smart wallets, and Hyperledger, we have provided best blockchain solutions to our customers.

Web Hosting

kryptonbusiness is one stop solution for all your e-business needs. We provide reliable secure web hosting services (domain name, hosting space), keeps your website up and running. If you are looking for reliable and affordable web hosting in Pakistan then kryptonbusiness hosting is the first choice for you. kryptonbusinessble price in Pakistan. Great packages for starters to provides its customers high-quality web hosting solutions an afforda professionals, from the shared web, hosting to virtual private servers to full dedicated servers. We offer all our customers in Pakistan a wide-ranging variety of affordable web hosting solutions based around the Linux and Windows server family.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is one tough nut to crack. You need to have everything user-friendly, an eye-catching interface and the response rate that makes the user stay and explore more. When all else boggles you even more, we tell you to come to us and have an extensive 360° look into the complete E-commerce solutions we provide

We provide full-service solutions, where we don’t only make the back-end management easier but make the web shop completely relevant to the product you are willing to sell.

Digital Currency mining &Training

Rabah Coin is the part of Rabah Programme. The programme is based on establishing the schools, software houses, and call center services as well as the Online Store and Services providing solutions, Rabah Coin is working with "Krypton Business & Services" and "Cloud Distros" Hosting and web services Providers. Rabah Coin is aiming raise to fund for those people or children who wish to get the convenience for their life, Education and to gain personal skills development. The Rabah Coin is the Blockchain base technology wish to run on Ethereum platform and also will create their own trading platform for their friendly customers that they get a huge amount of profit within a few days.

Mobile App Development &traning

This is the age of mobile. Most of the times, users do not want to browse to the web every time they want to avail your service or use the product you offer. The simple solution to it all is to have your own iPhone and Android application that just takes a few taps to download.

do not take much of the space. Hence, we always recommend our clients to give us a go, take a leap of faith and design an application that makes them stand out in this ever-competitive tech world.

Social Media Marketing

kryptonbusiness is known as Information Technology Company and providing Quality Digital Marketing Solutions. kryptonbusiness motive is to establish expertise professionally, with the active and mature team who will be able at their most excellent way to find the Digital Solutions for all type of problems related to the IT field

We concern to develop client trust so that we can touch the world’s most advanced technology to give excellent features of product and

Logo Designing

One of the main ingredients of a strong web presence is your logo. A logo is a graphical representation of your company; therefore, it serves as the foundation for your business's image.

Vertex. Creates high quality logo design for all types of businesses over the world. We have a highly creative professional logo design team, working to provide your company with the most unique, sophisticated and modern logo design. We combine all our skills to provide you with a logo design, which will portray your company's philosophy.

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